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I'm a fiction writer working on a mystery novel series. The first installment, which is called IN HARM'S WAY, is out! Cover and book details below. Now I'm at work on the second in the series, tentatively titled FAMILY SECRETS.


At long last, my first novel has seen the light of day.

When her father dies in a fire and the suspected arsonist is later murdered, Annie Velasquez comes under suspicion. Though the police don’t have evidence to arrest her, in an effort to escape stress and rebuild her shattered life, Annie moves south of Portland, Oregon, and gets a housekeeping job. Peace of mind is short-lived when her employer is stabbed to death and a new police investigator is on this case. Who killed Dr. Wentworth? Is there a malevolent force dogging Annie's footsteps? And what happened to the house chef, Annie’s friend Mo? Will Annie live long enough to find out?

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My First Publication!

I have a story in the anthology, TIME'S RAINBOW: Writing Ourselves Back into American History.

My story is called "The Other Marie" and is, in part, about Marie Equi, the lesbian Oregon doctor who was a real rabble-rouser around the turn of the 20th Century. The story is in the anthology edited by Kit Moss and Lori Lake, which is really a terrific collection.

You can get the anthology here:


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