E.J. Kindred

Writer, Mystery Reader, Quilter, and Lover of Cats


About E.J. Kindred

E.J. Kindred is a retired Oregon attorney who is delighted to have substituted writing mysteries for writing contracts. She’s always loved to write, and in her youth spent more hours than she’ll admit writing “Star Trek” scripts and bad wild horse stories. In Harm’s Way is her first published novel, though her short story “The Other Marie” appeared in Time’s Rainbow: Writing Ourselves Back into American History (2017). The “other Marie” was Marie Equi, one of Oregon’s first women doctors, a crusader for humane working conditions, an anti-war activist who spent time in San Quentin for sedition, and an unabashed lesbian at the turn of the 20th century.

E.J. is now hard at work writing Family Secrets, the sequel to In Harm’s Way, which again features intrepid sleuth Annie Velasquez and her indomitable Grandma Natalie. E.J. hopes to have the new novel published sometime in early 2023.

When she’s not writing, E.J. spends time with friends and takes care of her cats, who take care of her in return. In addition, E.J. loves to sew and make quilts, some of which she donates to local cat rescue groups for fundraising.

The background quilts featured throughout the website were all crafted by E.J.

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