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My first novel in the mystery series came out in June 2019. Here are some good reviews!

"There's nothing I like better than a mystery/thriller where the characters are in a serious situation and still have a funny way of observing the world. EJ Kindred strikes just the right balance. Annie Velasquez is in the middle of a big muddle, but she retains her sense of humor. And I loved her Harley-riding gramma! This was such a good read, and I look forward to more in book two in this sleuth's world."

~Jessie Chandler, author of the Shay O'Hanlon Caper Series

"In Harm's Way, the debut novel by EJ Kindred, is a terrific read you won't want to put down. Nice pacing with funny, nostalgic, tragic scenes, twists, and surprises. Very well done. The cast of characters is somewhat large, but I had no trouble keeping track of who was who, and I cared about what happened to them. In particular, I loved the realism of the average, everyday people, the settings, and the jobs portrayed. The conflict was well-written between Downton Abbey upper crust nasty and Americana rural life with working people who care about each other. Highly recommended."

~Sue Hardesty, author of the Loni Wagner Crime Fiction Series

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